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BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG: The practical bag for on the go 

  • Handy bag for all BLACKROLL® YOGA products 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for flexible, comfortable transport 
  • Zipper for easy opening and closing 
  • Water- and dirt-repellent material 


      BLACKROLL® meets YOGA: With the BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG you always have your BLACKROLL® YOGA products with you. The YOGA BAG has a practical size for on the go and plenty of space for your yoga equipment. The YOGA MAT and the YOGA BELT can be conveniently stowed in the bag, while other BLACKROLL® YOGA products, such as the STANDARD or MED fascia roll and the BLOCK set from BLACKROLL®, can be attached or clamped to the outside. 

      BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG: A bag for your YOGA products 

      Yoga is enriches your health all on its own. And your yoga class becomes even more effective when you combine yoga practice with fascia tools from BLACKROLL® to release tension and improve mobility. 

      Whether BLACKROLL® MAT, BELT, BLOCK SET, or BLACKROLL® STANDARD or MED fascia roll: The yoga world of BLACKROLL® can be a real enrichment for yoga practice. However, if you practice your asanas outside your own four walls, you need something to take the BLACKROLL® YOGA products with you. 

      The solution is a bag that offers enough storage space for your yoga mat and the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or MED fascia rolls, while being handy and easy to transport. The BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG is just such a bag, allowing you to store your favorite BLACKROLL® products without carrying unnecessary ballast. 

      What are the advantages of the BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG? 

      Due to its size (75 x 22 cm), it is especially practical for on the go because it doesn't take up much space and can be carried comfortably over the shoulder. The shoulder strap is easily adjustable to fit your body size and needs, so you can carry the BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG in your hand. 

      The dirt- and water-repellent material (polyester twill) is very hard-wearing and washable. The zipper of the bag is easy to open and close even after frequent use. When rolled up, the YOGA MAT fits inside the bag. In addition, you can store your YOGA BELT there to make the stretches of the asanas a little gentler and perfect your yoga poses. 

      But where do you put the fascia roll? No worries! You can easily use the belt to attach the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or MED to the YOGA BAG, so you don't have to do without anything in your next yoga session. Even the BLOCK SET can be attached to the outside of the bag, because you can strap it on with a rubber band. It won't slip or fall out. 

      You can use the BLOCK SET to support your yoga poses, and you can release tension and painful trigger points with the fascia tools included with the BLOCK (BLACKROLL® BALL 08 & MINI). 

      How can the BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG be useful? 

      It's simple: you'll always have your favorite products from the BLACKROLL® YOGA world with you. And all this in a pleasant and practical size. 

      With the YOGA BAG you always have the BLACKROLL® MAT, the STANDARD or MED fascia roll, and your BLACKROLL® YOGA BELT at hand. The BLOCK SET can be attached to the outside of the bag in a few simple steps without having to pack the BLACKROLL® MINI and BLACKROLL® BALL 08 separately. 

      Bottom line 

      The products and fascia tools of the BLACKROLL® YOGA World can now make your yoga practice even more varied, and you can combine it with a beneficial fascia training. 

      With the BLACKROLL® YOGA BAG you always have a bag with you to carry your favorite products comfortably. The BLACKROLL® MAT fits in the bag – other YOGA tools can be easily attached to the outside to add more variety to your yoga practice. 


      •   75 x 22 cm 

      Scope of delivery

      • 1 x BLACKROLL® BAG


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