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  • Promotes health, vitality, and fitness at a standing workstation.
  • Motivates reduced sitting times at the workplace and active standing.
  • The pressure-relieving surface reduces symptoms of fatigue in the body and joints.
  • Allows a variety of standing positions and stimulates more movement.
  • Integrated fascia tools (BLACKROLL® MINI, BALL 08 and TWISTER) for self-massage of pain points and gentle stretching.
  • Can be used barefoot, with socks, or with shoes.

Our everyday working life in particular is often characterized by extremely unhealthy, excessively long sitting times or rigid standing. Unfortunately, our body is not created for this and reacts with muscle and joint problems, poor posture, pain, and tension, but with also psychological consequences such as an increased stress level. The BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD brings more movement into your daily work routine, as it motivates you to stand actively. You train your muscles, improve your ability to concentrate, stimulate your cardiovascular system, relieve your back and your entire body, burn more calories, and generally feel more comfortable and in a better mood.

Bring your workplace to life

There is more you can do for an ergonomic workplace than just ensuring a correct sitting or standing position. The change between sitting and standing at the desk, a regular variation of the sitting or standing position and active pauses in movement have been proven to help improve your physical and mental health and well-being and avoid pain. The BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD was specially developed to be more comfortable and, above all, more active. It motivates you to integrate more exercise into your daily work routine and improves your posture by training your muscles right at your standing desk.

With the BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD, you can already do something for your health at your workplace and counteract the consequences of sitting too long or standing too rigidly, preventing those consequences while actively working on your posture and muscles. Of course you can also use it in your spare time. This lets you avoid back pain and neck tension resulting from one-sided strain, especially from sitting at a desk.

What are the advantages of the BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD?

The SMOOVE BOARD consists of an innovative SmartLite foam – the same foam used in sports shoes. The standing mat is pleasantly soft, highly elastic, and at the same time can withstand any strain. The material relieves pressure on your entire body, especially in your back and legs, helping to counteract signs of fatigue.

The ergonomic surface is structured to stimulate your feet and encourage movement. The smaller grooves activate the soles of the feet, while the larger curvatures on the front can be used, for example, for stretching the calves. Your big toes can play with the gap in the middle and grab it to strengthen their muscles. The edges on the sides of the board allow you to rock it into motion and stimulate your circulation.

Fascia tools like the MINI fascia roll, the BALL, and the TWISTER offer not only stretching, movement and massage to your feet. They keep your fasciae supple and you can use them to dissolve specific pain points by exerting pressure on them. They also give you the option of changing your standing position in many ways, for example by rolling out your feet with the MINI, using the ball to place and stretch your heel on it, or by stimulating the balls of your feet on the small curves of the TWISTER. 

By the way: It is most comfortable if you use the SMOOVE BOARD barefoot or in socks – especially if you want to massage or stretch your feet. But you can also use it when wearing shoes. Because you stand more comfortably on the board than on the hard floor, you can vary your standing position thanks to the ergonomic surface and get moving with activating exercises, even wearing shoes.

A variety of exercises with the BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD

Changing postures about two to three times an hour, simply standing for twenty minutes and moving during that time, gets your circulation going and burns calories, making you more concentrated, more productive, and not only physically, but also mentally fitter.

The exercises on the BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD can be easily integrated into everyday life, because you are subconsciously stimulated to more movement when you stand on the SMOOVE BOARD. Whether at home or in the office.


Comfort, activation and prevention. Here are the ways you can use the SMOOVE BOARD: 

  • In Comfort mode, you stand comfortably on the SMOOVE BOARD, relieving pressure, and can gently shift your weight on it and take different foot positions.
  • In Activation mode, you can rock the board to get it moving. You can bounce alternately left and right, back and forth, or with your feet offset. 
  • The SMOOVE BOARD enables prevention through stretching exercises and massage units with the integrated BALL 08, MINI, and TWISTER fascia tools, but also with the toe gap.
Just do what you feel like at the moment. As long as you keep moving!


Bottom line

The BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD is the perfect tool for people who want to enhance their ergonomic workplace with a standing desk, especially when sitting or standing a lot at work. The SMOOVE BOARD motivates you to move more, improves posture, and mobilizes and activates your muscles. It helps reduce back pain and tension caused by sitting for too long, stimulates circulation, and improves concentration, reduces stress and improves health and well-being at work.


44 cm x 43 cm x 5.5 cm, 1 kg  


1 x BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD in your selected color combination  


  • The highest product quality
  • Product protected by trademark
  • Quality management in compliance with ISO 9001:2000  


  • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
  • Up to 100% recyclable material
  • Free of propellant gases
  • Free of other chemical propellants


  • Odor-free
  • Not soluble in water
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize 


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