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BLACKROLL® MED foam roller for yoga
BLACKROLL® MED foam roller for yoga
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BLACKROLL® MED foam roller for yoga and fascial training

  • 20 percent softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller
  • Can be used before, after and as a supporting tool during yoga training
  • Suitable for relaxation, recovery, and mobilization


More strength, peace and vitality in everyday life: yoga has many advantages. Especially for stressful people, who usually suffer from neck tension, back and joint pain, headaches, and sleep disorders. Many users have come to appreciate that yoga has a beneficial effect on the mind and body. So it is not surprising that more and more people are integrating yoga into their daily lives. If you want even more relaxation, you can integrate the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller into your yoga practice.

What are the advantages of yoga?

More peace and serenity: This is what many people want who are often stressed by their working lives. Stress can not only lead to painful muscle tension – it is also one of the most frequent causes of sleep disorders.

But it isn't so easy to calm down physically and mentally. Especially not if the job takes a lot of time and nerves. Yoga can be very helpful in relaxing the mind and body. Yoga is a real boon for the body because the exercises loosen the muscles and stretch the connective tissue.

At the same time the asanas strengthen the body and deepen the breathing, so that you feel much more relaxed, balanced, and vital in everyday life.

Why you should combine yoga and fascia training

Those who do yoga and keep their body fit with foam rollers from BLACKROLL® can benefit from the beneficial effects of both therapies. BLACKROLL® foam rollers can be used for the targeted treatment of fasciae and muscles, improving mobility, posture, and recovery.

By combining yoga and fascia training, tense muscles and fascial adhesions alike can be loosened. By the gentle stretching of the asanas on the one hand and the targeted use of the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller on the other, which you can use to both support and strengthen the yoga exercises.

What are the advantages of the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller?

Fascia training and yoga can complement each other perfectly. The pleasantly soft material of the massage roll exerts a particularly gentle pressure on the muscles and fascia, which is why the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller is suitable for beginners as well as for people who are sensitive to pain.

In contrast to the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller is 20 percent softer and therefore somewhat more pleasant to use. By consciously shifting body weight and through the targeted use of pressure and relaxation, muscle tensions, fascial adhesions, and trigger points can be gently released.

With the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller, you can prepare your body for your next yoga class. On the other hand, the massage roller is also used as a training tool for yoga practice to support the yoga poses and strengthen the massage and stretching effect.

If you train regularly with the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller and combine fascia training with yoga, you will experience a whole new bodily feeling. Especially when fascia training with the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller is routinely carried out both in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed, in order to prevent stress and muscle tension.

Bottom line

Combine yoga and fascia training for the targeted relaxation of muscles and fascia. Integrate the BLACKROLL® products into your yoga practice – for more variety and more efficient training.

There are always multiple factors involved in any pain. The ultimate goal of any success treatment is to find the true causes and to correct them, instead of using pain medication for too long, primarily fighting symptoms. The cause of the pain can often be in completely different places from where it is perceived. It is essential for patients to understand that the entire body is connected together by myofascial chains and meridians along different pathways. To regulate these structures, I particularly like to use the BLACKROLL® MED, the small BLACKROLL® BALL, and the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL in supporting roles, which the patient can then use outstandingly well for exercises at home."   

Dr. Torsten Pfitzer, pain therapist, chiropractor, and pharmacist   


  • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
  • Up to 100% recyclable material
  • Free of propellant gases
  • Free of other chemical propellants 


  • Odor-free
  • Not soluble in water
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize 


 30 cm x 15 cm, 106 g 


  • 1 x BLACKROLL® MED in your selected color combination
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® exercise card 
  • DVD is not included in the scope of delivery


  • The highest product quality
  • Product protected by trademark
  • Quality management in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000 


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