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BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET by Patrick Broome
BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET by Patrick Broome
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BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET by Patrick Broome

  • Perfect combination for yoga and fascial massage
  • Support for yoga exercises
  • Selective self-massage and a variety of possible combinations
  • BLOCK as multi-purpose tool for use with small fascia products


BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET for fascial training

If you regularly loosen and relax your muscles and fascia, you will appreciate the beneficial fascia tools from BLACKROLL®. The BLOCK SET in the edition designed by renowned yoga teacher Patrick Broome contains three products which can be used for self-massage:

The MINI foam roller is particularly suitable for the targeted massage of feet, legs, and arms. The BALL 08 easily reaches and loosens trigger points with point massage.

If you want to exert higher pressure on certain muscle strands and penetrate deeper into the tissue, you can also use the BLACKROLL® BLOCK. The block can supplement and extent the application possibilities of the two small fascia tools.

By the way: The BLOCK has an open underside for practical storage of the MINI and the BALL 08.


Yoga is the perfect balance to to restore physical and mental calm. Once you practice the asanas regularly, you will no longer want to miss the relaxing effect of yoga. The combination of BLACKROLL® and yoga is ideal, as both ensure mobility, freedom from pain, relaxation, a good posture, and well-being in sports and everyday life.

The BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET can be extremely helpful in the practice of individual yoga exercises, whether to get into the pose easier and to keep the balance or to consciously relax certain parts of the body (back) during a yoga pose.

The BLACKROLL® BLOCK is often used for this purpose.

BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET as preparation for yoga practice

The BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET can be the perfect companion, and not only during a yoga lesson. The small fascia tools can also be used before yoga practice to prepare your body for the asanas and to make your muscles and fascia more supple.

The softer the myofascial tissue, the easier the yoga poses will succeed. Working with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET has a great advantage: using the BLACKROLL® MINI foam roller and the BLACKROLL® BALL 08 improves blood circulation and the flexibility of muscles and fascia, resulting in a completely new bodily feeling.

Depending on the sensation of pain and as needed, the pressure of the fascial tools can be increased by using the BLACKROLL® BLOCKS to release tension in the deeper tissue layers. By combining fascial massage and yoga with the BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET, posture and mobility can improve after only a short time.

Bottom line

Fascia training and yoga are an unbeatable team when it comes to myofascial tension, more flexibility, mobility, and freedom from pain. Both practices aim at targeted relaxation and gentle stretching of muscles and fascia.

Our tip: The BLACKROLL® BLOCK SET can be combined with other BLACKROLL® fascia tools to expand fascia training and yoga practice. For example with the BLACKROLL® STANDARD or MED foam roller to massage larger muscle groups. Or with the YOGA SET, which also contains the YOGA BELT, which is particularly suitable for gentle stretching and perfecting yoga poses.



30 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm, 280 g 


  • 1 x BLACKROLL® BLOCK black
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® BALL 08 pink
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® MINI pink


  • The highest product quality
  • Product protected by trademark
  • Quality management in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000 


  • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
  • Up to 100% recyclable material
  • Free of propellant gases
  • Free of other chemical propellants


  • Odor-free
  • Not soluble in water
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize 


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