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Routines are vital for good sleep. According to experts, they are the best remedy for sleep disorders. In addition to the right sleeping environment, BLACKROLL® offers you routines that can improve your sleeping behavior. We have put together this routine for you so that you can start relaxing right away. Over time, you'll be able to create your own exercise routine with tools that will do you good. So you can release your tensions in a way that works for you. It is important to roll slowly and exhale twice as long as inhaling.

Fall asleep well with BLACKROLL® products

  • Start your sleep routine by brushing your teeth. For more relaxation, roll the BLACKROLL® MINI or BLACKROLL® MINI FLOW back and forth under your right sole. Change sides after one minute. 
  • Sit comfortably on the floor in your bedroom. You can stretch your legs out or cross them. Now inhale deeply and exhale deeply and make sure that the exhalation is about twice as long as the inhalation. 
  • Soft stretching and massage support relaxation. Roll out your back with the DUOBALL and make sure you breathe calmly and continuously. 
  • Lie down on your back and support your legs against the wall. You can support your lumbar vertebrae with the BLACKROLL® PILLOW. Your arms should be at the sides of your body, with the palms of your hands pointing upwards. Breathe 15 deep, calm breaths in and out. If you want to stretch your lower back further, place the DUOBALL 12 in the lumbar spine area instead of the PILLOW.
  • Sit with your legs out, on the BLACKROLL® STANDARD. Lean forward as you exhale so that you feel a gentle stretch in the back of your body. Slowly straighten up as you inhale deeply. Repeat this sequence three times. 
  • Lie down on your back, with your arms relaxed at your side and your neck relaxed. Now inhale deeply for four seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Feel all the tension coming out of your body and your thoughts calming down. 
  • Get into bed. The bedroom should be quiet, dark, and not too warm. As soon as your head is resting on the comfortable BLACKROLL® PILLOW, you will feel your eyes closing and you will fall asleep relaxed. You can get optimum recovery and wake up fit and rested the next morning.