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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time for my order?

  • The delivery time will depend on your location. In general delivery to Germany will take around 3-5 workdays after we received the payment. Austria and Switzerland: 5-10 workdays.
    Rest of Europe: between 5 and 14 workdays. Worldwide: up to 21 workdays. Please note that we cannot guarantee the delivery time when packages are held up in customs in case of global shipping.

What are the shipping costs?

What roll is suitable for my body weight?

  • In terms of body weight, there is no direct correlation for choosing a roll, except for the BLACKROLL MED (softest variant). The choice for a certain BLACKROLL density mostly depends on the users individual pain or sensitivity and how the roll (on what part of the body) is used. We urge you to keep in mind that the BLACKROLL MED is not suitable for balance exercises (standing on the roll) or for people with a body weight exceeding 70 kg. In general:
    BLACKROLL MED = suitable for beginners, pain sensitive persons, and highly tensed body parts, lighter weight persons
    BLACKROLL Standard = suitable for beginners to advanced users, with an average pain sensitivity 
    BLACKROLL PRO = advanced users or professional athletes, very strong massage effect, heavy weight persons

Is there a difference between the BLACKROLL Standard and BLACKROLL-orange or RELAXROLL (by BLACKROLL)?

  • No. In terms of the size and the density there is no difference whatsoever. Only the colours are different.

Is there a difference between the black BLACKROLL Standard and the BLACKROLL Standard in black/yellow or other black/colour combinations?

  • No. In terms of the size and the density there is no difference whatsoever. Only the colours are different.

When do I use the BLACKROLL Ball and when the DuoBall?

  • Balls (in two sizes: 8 cm, 12 cm): for a punctual and intense massage of the neck, shoulders, arms, pectoralis (chest), gluteas (buttocks) or (particularly the small 8 cm BLACKROLL Ball) soles of the feet.
  • DuoBall 8 cm: targeted and intense, local massage along the spine: neck and back. Also usable for the arms (biceps, triceps), or Achilles tendon. 
  • DuoBall 12 cm: targeted massage of the neck and back, along the thoracic spine (upper back). Also suitable to use for massage of the calves. 

 Where can I try or buy BLACKROLL in a shop?

  • Please have a look at the store locator to find your nearest retailer, gym or physiotherapist that sells or works with BLACKROLL. 

What payment options do you have?

  • PayPal, Sofort Überweisung, credit card

When should I not use the BLACKROLL products?

Can I cancel an order that I placed via the Online Shop?

  • Yes. Within 12 hours after placing an order it is possible to cancel your order. You can do so by sending an e-mail to:

How can I connect the BLACKROLL Set?

  • The BLACKROLL Set consists of two BLACKROLLs and one MINI with the option to connect two rolls and creating a bigger massage surface (60 cm long). The easiest way to connect a BLACKROLL MINI to a BLACKROLL (Standard / MED / GROOVE / GROOVE PRO / PRO) is to use a few drops of oil on the end of the MINI. Then place the MINI in a 30 degree angle in the hole of the BLACKROLL and turn it in carefully with a little pressure. Mind you: we recommend you to not assemble and disassemble this construction too often since the hole in the roll can become fragile as a result of the friction.

How can I exchange a BLACKROLL product:

  • Please send an e-mail with your order number and your exchange request to . You will receive information, where to return the product to. After goods receipt, we will refund your money on the same way you used for paying. You will receive a shipping voucher, which you can easily use to order the originally requested product in our online-shop.

How is the procedure, if I want to claim a BLACKROLL product due to a defect (error, failure):

  • Please send an e-mail with a picture of the product error and one, on which we can see the 12 stars to . Please describe the reason for the claim in detail. You will receive a replacement product and will be asked to return the defect product to us.

What is the BLACKROLL Dopper Bottle? 

  • Please find all questions related to the Dopper Bottle here:
  • Production of the BLACKROLL Dopper Bottle is in Emmen, The Netherlands.