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This is what several experts have said about BLACKROLL®


Dr. biol. hum. Robert Schleip (director, Fascia Research Project, University of Ulm)  

"I consider the large variety of applications with the BLACKROLL® for very advantageous. The possibility to moderate the pressure by using different techniques of relief, allows us a wide range of therapeutic use. Detailed tests with patients show excellent results.“ 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Grau (sports medicine, Tübingen & University of  Göteborg)

"Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of overuse symptoms mainly include active measures such as muscle strengthening, coordination training and coordinative release of tension of muscles, like with a BLACKROLL®."

Dr. Peter Bornhäuser (internist and sports medicine specialist)

"I was quite positively surprised about the effects of BLACKROLL®. I recommend it to athletic employees for recovery but also to employees that have painful muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting and bad posture. BLACKROLL® offers a quick and easy way to release this tension."