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PILLOW CASE AllergoProtect®
PILLOW CASE AllergoProtect®
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Sleep healthy with our allergy pillowcase. 


You suffer from a house dust allergy and hygienic sleep is important to you? Then our allergy pillowcase - the PILLOW CASE AllergoProtect® - is perfect for you. Thanks to the PROtec-aktiv process, the mite pillowcase is effective against house dust allergens. And it does so without any chemical additives.  


So are you looking for a pillow for allergy sufferers? Get the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW and order the PILLOW CASE AllergoProtect® at the same time. The allergy pillowcase fits our neck pillow perfectly and lets you sleep restfully. 


The most important facts at a glance:   


  • Allergy pillowcase for house dust allergy sufferers and hygiene-conscious people  
  • AllergoProtect® binds allergens via the PROtec-aktiv process 
  • Without the use of biocides & chemical additives 
  • Effectiveness clinically tested 
  • Effectiveness remains completely intact after washing 



PROtec-aktiv process: How your allergy pillowcase works 

The PROtec-aktiv process works purely physically and without biocides against house dust allergens. On average, it keeps out 99.9% of the house dust allergens that surround us while we sleep. We show you how it works:    




 Why allergens make us sleep badly.  

Allergens are positively charged and surround us almost everywhere - especially in bed. While we sleep, we breathe them in. If you suffer from a house dust allergy, you probably know this: your body reacts allergically with sniffles, a blocked nose or an irritated cough. The result: you sleep badly and don't feel refreshed. 



AllergoProtect® keeps allergens together.  

The allergy pillowcase is equipped with negatively charged particles. These attract positively charged allergens like a magnet. Which keeps them together until the next wash. 


For a restful and hygienic night.   

When washing, the bound allergens are released from the mite pillowcase and rinsed out. Wash the pillowcase at 40°C as soon as you feel the effect weakening. After washing, your pillowcase will be hygienic, fresh and free of allergens. You can wash your allergy pillowcase as often as you like, your pillow is still suitable for allergy sufferers and ensures lasting sleeping comfort.


50 x 30 x 11 cm 


1x BLACKROLL® PILLOW CASE AllergoProtect®  


OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100, Class 1 


Pillowcase washable up to 40°C with conventional detergent.  


60% polyester


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