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BLACKROLL® TWISTER: your handy helper in therapy

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

BLACKROLL® TWISTER: your handy helper in therapy

The latest innovation by BLACKROLL®. Get to know 'secret weapon' BLACKROLL® TWISTER.  The special nobs on the surface of the TWISTER, as well as its ergonomic round top give a unique punctual stimulation to treat pain caused by adhesions and tension in the myofascial-skeletal system. For all product details go here.  The BLACKROLL® TWISTER is no rolling object, as you might be used from BLACKROLL®. It not just usable by shifting your body weight on it. More so, it is a hands-on tool. Especially suitable for therapists or individuals as a supporting device to treat their (myofascial) pain symptoms punctually. The combination of pressure and twisting improves blood circulation, trigger...

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