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BLACKROLL Grows: As of Now Also Available in 45 cm

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

By some long awaited… as of now the classic BLACKROLL (30 cm) is also available in a 45 cm length, in your trusted MED and STANDARD hardness. 


BLACKROLL Standard size (l: 30 cm)

BLACKROLL 45 (l: 45 cm)

We choose to produce this variant after receiving multiple requests from therapists, wanting to offer their patients a bigger supporting surface, as well as in sports like Pilates or yoga. 

We add this 15 cm longer BLACKROLL variant to our existing collection in the following two densities: MED (soft) and STANDARD (average) hardness.

The density and stability as well as the great range of use from the field of sports to therapy, everything will stay the same as the original BLACKROLL STA and MED; the only thing we changed is the length. Of course we will keep our trusted 30 cm BLACKROLL versions in our collection.

Furthermore, we'd like to share with you our CEO's introduction to how great this new product actually is.
Brought to you, with a small wink of an eye from Bottighofen in Switzerland to Silicon Valley in the USA… 

Watch video here. 

Enjoy the additional space!

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