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Endless therapeutic benefits with the *NEW* Fascia-ReleaZer®

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

A new device to target tensed connective- and muscular tissue has been launched.
The Fascia-ReleaZer® was developed by pain therapist Christopher Gordon (C
enter for Integrative Therapy, Germany). Gordon invested many years in the development of a perfect fascia massage device.

In a clinical study (2015) - randomised, double checked, standardised - which was presented and very well received at the world Fascia Congres in September 2015, the therapeutic success of the Fascia-ReleaZer has been proven.

    • significant reduction of stiffness in the treated muscles and tissue
    • significant increase in mobility of the treated muscles and tissue
    • significant increase in flexibility of the treated muscles and tissue
    • significant increase of the local tissue temperature
    • significant reduction of pain in the treated tissue 

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