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BLACKROLL® Training - Join our Certified Education Program!

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Fascia and functional training is on a ROLL! 
We now understand more and better how we can help ourselves to improve general physical health and well being by applying correct and regular movement patterns. BLACKROLL® supports this, like no other. 

In Germany, we have been lucky enough to see a strong growth in the sport- and fitness sectors including an holistic approach to health improvement. BLACKROLL® was part of this national movement. 

In order to safeguard our high-quality approach to spreading knowledge around the themes of fascia and functional training, we never stop looking for motivated and strong educational- and sales partners to add to our BLACKROLL® Team.  

The BLACKROLL® user experiences a solid change in their sense of well being, right after the first application and under professional guidance. This makes BLACKROLL® as successful and unique in its form and method. The spread of fascia training and increasing knowledge coming from medical and scientific research, is a crucial part of what BLACKROLL® stands for. 

Understanding how-to use the different products is essential in that matter; we developed our own comprehensive educational program to teach the theoretical background and hands-on train therapists, sales persons, doctors, and other body workers to further spread the BLACKROLL® message and get their clients and patients more excited about improving their overal well being with just little effort.

The BLACKROLL® Education concept was developed by Dr. Lutz Graumann (MD, Ph.D., founder of Performance & Health Institute) in collaboration with Marcel Andrä (MSc Sports Science) and is based on the latest scientific and medical research, in the field of fascia, functional and recovery training.

The Education Program consists of six essential elements coming from Functional Training:

  • Balance + Breathe
  • Dynamic Mobilisation (DYNAMO)
  • Movement Patterning 
  • Stability 
  • Plyometrics
  • Recovery (Rollout | SMR)
The BLACKROLL® Education Program is a (one) full day training, providing you with an official BLACKROLL® Trainer certificate and license. 

    Scheduled BLACKROLL® Training days

    • 15 November 2015  |  WIEN (AT) - GERMAN - CrossZone, Fischerstiege 9
      Anmeldung bitte per Mail über diesen Link inklusive aller Kontaktdaten an
      Kosten: 189,- EUR
    • 27 November 2015  |  HAMBURG - GERMAN - ADC Aerial Dance Center, Süderstraße 159 a 
      Anmeldung bitte per Mail über diesen Link inklusive aller Kontaktdaten an
      Kosten: 189,- EUR
    • 28 November 2015  |  HAMBURG - GERMAN - Taiyo Sport Center, Holstenstrasse 79
      Anmeldung bitte per Mail über diesen Link inklusive aller Kontaktdaten an
      Kosten: 189,- EUR

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