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BLACKROLL® TWISTER: your handy helper in therapy

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

The latest innovation by BLACKROLL®. Get to know 'secret weapon' BLACKROLL® TWISTER

The special nobs on the surface of the TWISTER, as well as its ergonomic round top give a unique punctual stimulation to treat pain caused by adhesions and tension in the myofascial-skeletal system. 

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The BLACKROLL® TWISTER is no rolling object, as you might be used from BLACKROLL®. It not just usable by shifting your body weight on it. More so, it is a hands-on tool. Especially suitable for therapists or individuals as a supporting device to treat their (myofascial) pain symptoms punctually. The combination of pressure and twisting improves blood circulation, trigger bands and points are stimulated and the fascial tissue becomes rehydrated. In addition, the TWISTER can be used to warm up the skin prior to treatment and stimulate receptors.

Suggested exercises with the BLACKROLL® TWISTER:  


Watch here how our partners in Asia integrate the TWISTER in physiotherapy:

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