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Athletes — rhythmic gymnastic

Rhythmic gymnast: Neta Rivkin

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Rhythmic gymnast: Neta Rivkin

Neta Rivkin is Israel's most successful rhythmic gymnast. In 2011 she won a bronze medal in the individual hoop final at the World Championship. Two-time Olympian, at the European Championship in 2011 she also won silver medals in hoop and clubs. In 2014 Neta won the all-around silver medal at the Grand Prix Final.   Neta uses the BLACKROLL® products to remain mobile and increase flexibility in her daily training. After the training sessions she rehydrates and recovers her muscles with the BLACKROLL®, performing self massage techniques.   Neta with her BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO and PRO.Follow her on instagram to see what she is up to! 

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