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Amiena’s flow.. Experience Dynamic Fascia Yoga!

by Eefje van de Ven March 08, 2016

Amiena Zylla works as a Pilates-, yoga-, fascia and dance coach since 20 years. She's also a nutritionist, model, author, and shares her expert knowledge via television, magazines and via YouTube. Amiena runs her own studio „amiena’s werkstatt" in Munich: for our friends in southern Germany.. go by and try it out!

Amiena developed a dynamic fascia-yoga programme and offers this training to yoga teachers in Germany and abroad. With the topic 'fascia' she absolutely found her passion; she brought out several books on the topic entitled "Yoga for the Fascia", "Fascia Training for your Back", and her latest one: "Dynamic Fascia Yoga". 

She integrates BLACKROLL products in her yoga programmes and is therefore setting new trends in the reach of yoga. One to watch! Go to her website here

In Amiena's Werkstatt you can participate in yoga classes or find out more about her workshops (teacher trainings in Germany or Amsterdam (NL)). Find it under header 'Ausbildungen'; she announces Europe's first fascia yoga teacher programme, available throughout Germany and abroad:
In English from 18-20 March. 2016, Amsterdam (Yoga Noord). 

Eefje van de Ven
Eefje van de Ven