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Downhill: Manuel Ehmke

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

17-year old Manuel Ehmke rides downhil since he's only four years old. This year, he secured the second place at the Gravity NRW Cup under 19. 

Downhill mountain biking is a strenuous sport which demands quite much from the body. Not just the legs are loaded; the whole body is constantly under high pressure and under tension. Manual therefore uses BLACKROLL before spots, to loosen up his muscles and afterwards recovering his body. To prevent and decrease muscle pain, BLACKROLL helps too: "the recovery phase is shorter and muscle pain heals quicker. 

During matches, the pressure on body and mind is biggest.
With BLACKROLL®, Manual does not only experience a physical relaxation but is also able to relax his mind. That's a great start into a race! 

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