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Bike and Roll to get fit for Rio 2016!

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

The German Olympic track cycling team warms up for the games in Brazil, by preparing in Colombia. The two championships in Cali were quite successful for the team. The group of four started in 4 different disciplines, of which 2 were won, one time finishing second place and once on sixth place. 

Henning Bommel, Kersten Thiele, Leon Rohde, Domenic Weinstein, Nils Schomber: training and recovery session with BLACKROLL®.

Since track cycling not only demands loads of leg power - but rather depends on the full body myofascial (muscles + fascial network) functioning, the cyclists use different BLACKROLL® products. The BLACKROLL® Ball (perfect for an intense, punctual massage and release of the gluteus muscles), and BLACKROLL® DuoBall are important tools for the recovery of the athletes on wheels. Besides the 'all time favourite', the classic BLACKROLL®, the round tools are used on a daily base as well. 

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