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Horse Riding: Anna Abbelen prepares with BLACKROLL®

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Anna-Christina Abbelen is 19 years old, studies international business in Cologne and is a proud part of „team Germany“ in dressage riding. She is the current European Team Champion and last year she became individual, freestyle and team European Champion. And German Champion as well. So how does she do it?!

Training three times a day on her horses is not enough: additionally Anna trains her full body in the gym and with BLACKROLL. She particularly enjoys stabilisation exercises with the roll, as they help her to stay on the horse and follow its movements. A trained, strong core is essentrial. On top, the shoulders and back are trained extra in the gym, which need a full body roll out after riding as well, to release any tensions that are created during horse riding. 

Anna: "I am happy to travel around the world to many different competitions (France, Italy, England, Netherlands,….), but sadly there is no gym at some places where I could work out. So I ordered the BLACKROLL a while ago and started to work out with this great tool... I take it with me to every place I go! 

I noticed a huge different since I started with BLACKROLL; in my posture. It is much more upright and stretched, which leads to more elegant look and generally a complete picture with the horse!"

She continues: "Before I saddle up my horse for competition I always roll my back on the BLACKROLL to feel better prepared and kind of „free“ without any blockages which could disturb the movement between rider and the horse.

To get a general Impression what he sport is about: click here. 

We're your biggest fans, Anna!

Keep riding, #KeepRolling! 


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