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Rope 'n' ROLL!

by Eefje van de Ven October 26, 2015

Emiliano Ron aka "The RopeMaster" lives on the edge.. 
Training, workshops, travel, bad beds and little time to relax. Because of his work as a rope master this artist asks a lot of his body, while the recovery periods are scarce.

His new best friend and trainings partner, the BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO, now accompanies Emiliano from dusk till dawn; massaging his back and stiff muscles. It helps him to recover and relax in an optimal way.

An inseparable couple. Emiliano Ron and his BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO.

Emiliano Ron: 
"Rope life is tough. Training, touring, teaching and performing pushes my body to its limits. Blackroll is always by my side". 

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Eefje van de Ven
Eefje van de Ven