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Rugby League UK: Wigan Warriors rock and ROLL!

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Rugby - one of the toughest team sports this world knows and quite popular in the United Kingdom.For the Wigan Warriors from Manchester, one of the top teams in the British league, the BLACKROLL® products are an essential part of the training and their recovery sessions.
The only object used more by the team than the BLACKROLL... is the rugbyball ;-).

Olly Gildart and Josh Charnley recover their leg musculature with BLACKROLL®

Dominic Manfredi and Liam Farrell using the BLACKROLL® DuoBall (8 and 12 cm) on the calves.

At this moment, the Warriors are runner up in the league but aim to kick the leading team from Leeds from their thrown. We're excited and curious about how the team will do in the UK Super League!

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