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BLACKROLL Ambassador: Lisanne de Witte (athlete)

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Lisanne de Witte - an incredibly focused 22-year old Dutch athlete with loads of potential and spirit. She participated in the most recent World Championship athletics on 400m (52.61 s). After a severe hamstring injury, knocking her out of the field for one year, she's back to compete again: taking muscle recovery and injury prevention more seriously than ever before. With the help of her physiotherapist René van Engelen (sports therapeutic expert), she found BLACKROLL:

"As an athlete you're completely dependent on the state of your muscles. The power, the tension, the recovery, they all matter the most if you want to peak at the right moment. It means that you have to treat your muscles in the best possible way. This is where Blackroll comes in very handy: I use the different BLACKROLL products for my whole body prior to all my running". 

Lisanne prepares for her training and races with BLACKROLL
Lisanne prepares for her training and races with BLACKROLL

Lisanne is a member of Team Distance Runners and writes (columns/blogs) for several sports magazines (Losse Veter) and fit/healthy living blogs, as she has studied communication science alongside building up her sports career in performance athletics. 
Her ultimate aim: to go to the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016 and return home with a big shiny medal around her neck.


We are glad to welcome this young and inspirational ambassador from the Netherlands to the BLACKROLL community!  

Follow her on Instagram to see what she's up to, today!
Her profile on Team Distance Runners.




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