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Climbing duo James & Caro discover BLACKROLL

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Caroline and James are climbers. This sport has more developed into a lifestyle, keeping them busy traveling around the world half of the year. Via a friend in Germany, they learned about BLACKROLL. Their friend recommended them to try it out as he thought it would be a great way of taking care of their bodies while on climbing trips.


James: "My wife Caroline and I have a pretty hectic life, traveling at least 6 months per year all around the world. I’d often come back from a couple of months hard climbing, totally broken, and then spend the next few weeks just trying to get back in shape.  Now, I can take the BLACKROLL Blackbox (set of all best sellers) with me wherever I go, and only need to find a flat area to take care of all my issues, as they happen.  This could be in the van, a hotel room, the floor of a climbing gym, or even out at the crag itself."

As it shows, they literally take their BLACKROLL anywhere!

Caro: "I was so happy to discover BLACKROLL as now, I finally have a real possibility to take care of minor tweaks and twinges, without having to call a physiotherapist."

Caroline was part of the French national climbing team for over 10 years, and lucky to enjoy regular treatment for all the problems the climbing brought her. Since she decided to focus on outdoor and adventure climbing, this has definitely been lacking from her day to day life. Now, with BLACKROLL, therapeutic deep tissue massage is simply added to her daily routine.

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