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Max Lang lifts and ROLLs - on his way to the Olympics!

by Eefje van de Ven May 20, 2016

To optimise his training, weight lifter Max Lang rolls out daily with BLACKROLL.


Max Lang: "I mostly use the BLACKROLL PRO to release tensions in my upper legs; especially the tractus and quadriceps need much attention. For my body, I like to use the harder versions of the BLACKROLL. My back also gets a nice treatment with BLACKROLL. For this part of my body I like to roll with the BLACKROLL DuoBall on the wall, as this offers a more targeted massage. I daily roll 1-2 times, before and after training".


Max is active on social media! Check out his Facebook page, or Youtube channel.

And what is Max' problem zone.... upper legs?
Max: "Honestly, sometimes I cry a little when rolling these muscle groups..???"

Eefje van de Ven
Eefje van de Ven