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Basketball: S&C coach Marcus Lindner trusts on BLACKROLL

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Marcus Lindner - strength & conditioning coach of Russian Basketball team UNICS KASAN and the German basketball team, shares the b-ball training routine with us:

"BLACKROLL tools became a steady part of our athletes' 'tissue' training, to prepare for the basketball games. When it comes to their muscles and fascia, they are definitely taken care of - of course with the support of BLACKROLL".  

With the use of the ROLLs and BLACKROLL Balls, we aim at the following goals:

  • Improving the sliding capacity of the muscles-fascia layers
  • Regulating muscle tone (tonus)

BLACKROLL is a great support to our athletes, as it gets our best athletes ready to rumble on 'Game Days'. 


Read more about Lindner and his work with BLACKROLL in Basketball teams here:  "Do it like Nowitzki".

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