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FC Calcio Kreuzlingen (Swiss) warms up for the Season 2016

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

In Spring, this talented team of football players from Kreuzlingen (Swiss border to Germany) went on a training camp to prepare for the season. It was under the 'Spanish sun' that they were introduced to BLACKROLL...

Cheftrainer David Fall, Michael „Mimi“ Pfister (co-trainer) and Mathias „Matze“ Rauscher (physiotherapist) had thought about options to prepare their team the best way they possibly could. One thing was clear to them; the players can still improve on mobility. With BLACKROLL packed, the team took off to Lloret del Mar (Spain) - where the team went to train and prepare for the new season.

The training schedule consisted of intense sessions to become more agile, and get fit fast, with the help of BLACKROLL. Under the professional eye of physiotherapist Matze, the guys started Rolling. Not only was BLACKROLL used for 'relax' and 'release' purposes. For warm-up, but also for bodyweight training, and balance/stabilisation exercises, BLACKROLL came in very handy. A new way of training for Calcio Kreuzlingen. We are positive they are going to progress because of this new piece of kit - and we cheer for them from the sideline!  

Their website: Calcio Kreuzlingen

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