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"Rad Pack Projects": extraordinary slacklining!

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

"Alone you go fast, together you go far" ... and higher? We think that's definitely proven by these guys. Meet the incredible Rad Pack Slackline / Highline team. Slacklining became quite popular over the last decennia, and if you meet these guys, you might want to start walking the rope too: "it's very addictive" - Friedrich Kühne shares with us. It's also very versatile, available to all, and it keeps challenging you.

What it is? Slacklining is the activity or sport of balancing on a rope or strip of webbing that is fixed (can be high above the ground) between two points.


This team is high and above professional as they are organising slackline events internationally, appear on television, and even setting world records (Friedrich Kühne walked over a 296m long highline!). 

This team just does incredible things - and incredible action needs incredible preparation... for which BLACKROLL comes in very handy! The MINI roll is a real winner in this discipline, as the feet need to be ultimately prepared for the line and is great to release tensions afterwards. Using the MINI also stimulates the sensory plantar fascia and proprioception, and can be used to improve mobility in the feet and ankles. 

Slackliners gathering for a 'relaxed' high line meeting in Italy (Dolomites)

Stay cool and safe, keep rolling and thanks for sharing your passion with the world, team RAD PACK: Lucas Geist, Manuel Hennchen, Valentin Rapp and Friedrich Kühne. 

All team pictures by: Valentin Rapp Film





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