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Downhill Hero Tom Klitscher

Posted by Eefje van de Ven on

Tom Klitscher is a cycler; but not just any. He's into the so-called 'Dirt' and 'Downhill' disciplines. Inevitably this sport brings risks with it when going downhill with many obstacles ahead, full speed, on only two wheels... Accidents may happen. In one of his trainings during 2013-2014 season, Tom injured himself which made him realise training properly and minding his fitness level will bring long term success. And so, in 2015 he could finally compete in the German Downhill Cup (GDC) with a prepared and fit body.

In his trainings, he now includes BLACKROLL as well and is totally convinced of the many benefits it brings: "the huge variety of exercises you can do with the BLACKROLL is simple super. The roll basically makes possible to train my whole body in a balanced way, and that's exactly what I need to prepare for the hills". 

"I cannot image my everyday life anymore without using BLACKROLL, really amazing!"


Follow Tom Klitscher on instagram, or watch him in action here!



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